Friday, May 31, 2013

News: Iraqi Farmer Who Is Addicted To Eating Poisonous Scorpions Daily

While trying to get over the show I watched on TLC this evening  about a man whose life(sex) is centered around his wife's breast milk, and has drank gallons of it, I stumbled on an even more bizarre story of a similar nature: A man whose daily nutritional intake consists of poisonous scorpions!

Ismail Jasim Mohammed, a farmer from Samara, Iraq, claims he consumes at least one live scorpion every day, and experiences symptoms of withdrawal if he goes three days without eating a nasty stinger.

Ismail Jasim Mohammed, 34 has been feasting on them for the last 15 years. According to the farmer, he got tired of getting stung by scorpions around the village of Agelam, near the Iraqi city of Samara, so he decided to turn the tables and give them a taste of their own medicine.

One day, he caught a live scorpion, put it in his mouth and ate it alive. He actually liked the taste and he has been snacking on them ever since. Obviously, he was stung in the mouth a few times throughout the years, but Ismail says that helped him develop an immunity to the scorpion venom. These days, the man is addicted to his unusual diet, and says he eats at least one scorpion a day. If he goes three days without consuming a nasty critter he experiences signs of withdrawal.

There is no shortage of scorpions around Agelam in the summer, but they are hard to find in the winter months, so in order to satisfy his bizarre craving all year round, Mohammed stocks up on bugs during the summer, and keeps them alive around the house. His wife and children are scared of the dangerous stingers and loath seeing Ismail eat them but they’ve gotten used to scorpions at the dinner table. Doctor Omar Ibrahim, from the Samarra Hospital examined the farmer and confirmed the scorpion toxin has no effect on him.

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