Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cossy Ojiakor Opens Up On Rumours Of Sleeping With Her Dogs & Why She Loves Her Boobs So Much

I know its crazy right, it was actually reported that she was sleeping with her dogs. In this recent interview with the Nigerian Tribune, Cossy opens up on what it is like in the entertainment industry and why she gets so much attention for her very ample bosom. She also address the rumors that came out a while ago that she had sex with dogs.
Read excerpts below:

On her breasts:
I am a very fun loving person and I love my boobs so much, so if I take a picture of myself and post it online, I don’t see any problem with that. People have been seeing these boobs for ages, I don’t know why it is still a big deal, by now they should have stopped talking, I don’t know why they haven’t. I like keeping myself happy and I also get crazy with my friends. For instance, last week was my birthday party and I had my party at five different clubs.

On being engaged:
No, I am not engaged. It just happened, I just met the person and he went on his knees to propose..
I think it was a kind of stunt pulled by the person, it was a joke, we were talking about Nikki Minaj’s engagement when he just got on his knees, It wasn’t even a diamond ring.
Saddest Moments:
When I lost my brother and sister.. and then at a point, a press man wanted money from me and when I did not give him money, he went to publish some false stories about me sleeping with dogs and the producer also said that it was not a movie. It was really hard for me and my parents then.

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