Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nigerian Senate Endorses Death Sentence for Terrorists

The Nigerian Senate yesterday unanimously endorsed the death penalty for any person engaged in acts of terrorism in the country. The penalties were contained in a conference report on a Bill for an Act to amend the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011 and for other related matters.
The Nation writes that the report was earlier stepped down because some senators opposed the designation of the Office of the National Security Adviser(NSA) to co-ordinate counter terrorism. But yesterday, the Clause was retained as part of the Act.
According to provisions of the bill, it prohibits “all acts of terrorism and financing of terrorism”.
It also states that “A person or body corporate who knowingly in or outside Nigeria directly or indirectly willingly; does, attempts or threatens any act of terrorism or commits an act preparatory to or in furtherance of an act of terrorism; or omits to do anything that is reasonably necessary to prevent an act of terrorism or assists or facilitates the activities of persons engaged in an act of terrorism or is an accessory to any offence under this Act or participates as an accomplice in or contributes to offences under the Act, assists, facilitates, organises or directs the activities of persons or organisation engaged in any act of terrorism or is an accessory to any act of terrorism; incites, promises or induces any other person by any means whatsoever to commit any act of terrorism or any of the offences referred to in this Act commits an offence under this Act and is liable on conviction to maximum of death sentence.”
Earlier, the Senate version prescribed life imprisonment for offences under the Clause while the House of Representatives’ version prescribed death penalty.
The report said after deliberation, the House’s version of death penalty for acts of terrorism was adopted

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